Press release : 5th March 2023

VIREO becomes Edonys

Our company is evolving to offer you ever more essential services to make your daily life efficient and enjoyable.

Discover TaxWorld, the evolution of our myTax service, and our new PayWorld, JoyWorld and TechWorld services.





To continue to make the day-to-day lives of businesses and individuals more efficient while boosting the scope of our digitalisation projects. This is the commitment that VIREO is making in March 2023. The result? A new official brand, Edonys, new products and international ambitions.

Since 2018, VIREO has been known for developing myTax, a digital tax assistant that lets you generate your Luxembourg tax return by answering simple questions. The fast-growing start-up, which has been a partner of KPMG Luxembourg since 2020 and of Spuerkeess since 2022, has been working with Technology Partner since its early days to develop its projects.

Jonathan Marroyen, CEO of Edonys: “In addition to the development of myTax, we have been looking to expand our activities for several years. The issues facing society today are such that it’s impossible for us not to play a part in the bigger solution. This rebranding is a perfect illustration of our mission as entrepreneurs: to combine the power of technology and creativity to contribute to a fair, efficient and prosperous world for people and organisations. Today, this mission is embodied in four worlds that represent Edonys’ different service packages: TechWorld – PayWorld – TaxWorld and JoyWorld.

TechWorld enables any company to be supported by a team of experts to develop a digital project. What sets TechWorld apart is that we combine development expertise with our ability to immerse ourselves in our customers’ business. This ensures that their project, once completed, fully meets their expectations. We’ve been putting this expertise to the test since the early days of VIREO, with the help of Technology Partner and its Chief Technical Officer, Julien Gras. It is for this reason that companies such as Arcelor Mittal, Pulse Remote and the Administration de l’Environnement have placed their trust in Technology Partner for many years.

PayWorld is a new package aimed at both employers and employees. Created in response to problems encountered by human resources managers, PayWorld’s philosophy is to offer more by spending better. This world focuses on configuring, managing and optimising the ideal salary package. The myTax assistant, meanwhile, is integrated into TaxWorld. The aim of this third world is to make taxation accessible and fair for everyone. In particular by continuing to develop this digital assistant which today generates tens of thousands of tax returns.

The final world, JoyWorld, is currently under development and will be making waves from 2024 onwards. Jonathan Marroyen: “JoyWorld is being developed in collaboration with a promising young entrepreneur. It will greatly increase people’s purchasing power and optimise costs for companies. To be continued…

The war for talent, the complexity of tax and social security rules, the integration of teleworking, the impact on the environment – there are many challenges on the horizon. All that remains is for Edonys and its worlds to prove their ability to meet these worrying challenges.

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