Legal documentation

The documents on this page apply according to your profile and the services you have subscribed to.

Terms & Conditions

The Edonys General Sales Conditions (GSC) inform you of the conditions governing the sale of Edonys products and the provision of Edonys services. They go hand in hand with the special conditions to govern our relationship and form the service contract between us.

Terms and conditions of use

The Edonys General Conditions of Use (GCU) set out the rules governing the use of the Edonys website and its applications. They describe Edonys’ responsibilities and your obligations as a user of our services.

Data Protection Policy

Edonys’ Data Protection Policy describes the importance we place on the security of your information and how we handle any personal data you may encode while using our services.

Cookie Policy

Edonys’ Cookie Policy informs you about the cookies and other tracking technologies we use to create the most enjoyable and efficient user experience on our website and applications.

Legal Notice

The Edonys Legal Notice allows you to identify our company and the subcontractors we work with to provide you with the best possible experience.

Edonys respects your privacy

To ensure that your experience on our website is as pleasant as possible, we use cookies. Discover our Cookies policy.

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