Joybiiz, how does it work?

What is cashback?

Cashback can be translated into French as “cash rebate”. In the case of Joybiiz, this cashback is automatic. It can either be granted by the employer from a budget allocated for meal or gift vouchers, or by Edonys partner merchants for online or in-store discounts.

Joybiiz cashback, a simple technology that makes your day-to-day life more efficient

The principle is simple. All the user who benefits from Joybiiz (employee – private individual) has to do is synchronise their bank account securely with Joybiiz. And each time the user makes an expenditure giving entitlement to a refund, the user will automatically receive the cashback in their bank account (or in their digital wallet if it’s “loyalty cashback”).

Joybiiz cashback made possible by an exclusive partnership between Edonys and LUXHUB!

Thanks to the principle of open banking and the latest European Directives PSD and PSD2, European citizens can benefit from new financial and banking services in a secure way. To create Joybiiz, we signed an exclusive partnership agreement with LUXHUB, a Luxembourg company set up by four leading Luxembourg banks.

LUXHUB, the entity created by BGL BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen, Post Luxembourg and Spuerkeess

Our partner LUXHUB is an entity created by four major banks that have joined forces to comply with the PSD Directive. This Directive requires banks to provide secure technological access to enable companies such as Edonys to provide high value-added services to citizens.

LUXHUB's role in the Joybiiz service

Thanks to LUXHUB, users can securely synchronise their bank accounts with Joybiiz. The banks then send the transaction information securely to LUXHUB. All you have to do is pay according to your usual methods (bank card, Apple Pay, Paypal, etc.) and LUXHUB will automatically detect the eligible transaction and reimburse it in the form of cashback or give it the reward assigned to it.

The Joybiiz cashback, is it secured?

In addition to its partnership with LUXHUB, Edonys, like myTax, applies the highest standards and regulations in terms of IT security and data protection. Edonys is also subject to supervision by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

What difference does cashback make to my daily life?

Absolutely nothing and everything at the same time! “Nothing” because once your bank accounts have been synchronised, you have nothing to do as a user to benefit from Joybiiz cashback and rewards. “Everything” because Joybiiz greatly increases your purchasing power and guides you towards more efficient day-to-day consumption.

Edonys respects your privacy

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