Joybiiz, how does it work?

Access to Joybiiz

Individuals can access the limited version of Joybiiz to benefit from merchant loyalty programmes, or they can access the full version of Joybiiz if their employer has subscribed to the Joy Give package or the Joy Get package.

Creating a secure account

Depending on their access type, Joybiiz users follow an intuitive path to create their Joybiiz account securely.

Synchronising the main bank account

If users have been invited to use Joybiiz by their employer, they must securely authenticate the bank account to which their salary is paid.

Synchronising other accounts

Users can synchronise all their personal accounts with which they spend money in shops or on the web. A list of all the banks and payment services that can be synchronised with Joybiiz is available here.

(1) Automatic use of Joy Meals and Joy Gifts

If the user benefits from Joy Meals vouchers and/or Joy Gifts vouchers via their employer, they will now benefit automatically. Each time they visit an eligible shop, they will be reimbursed in the form of cashback to their bank account within the limits of the law and the budget allocated by their employer.

(2) Automatic cashback gain

Each time they visit a Joybiiz partner store offering discounts, users will be automatically reimbursed for the discount in the form of cashback to their bank account.

(3) Additional discounts thanks to special offers

Users can also receive special one-off discount offers published by retailers in the Joybiiz application.

(4) Automatic rewards

Depending on how they use Joybiiz, users automatically benefit from rewards offered by businesses and Edonys. These rewards can be found directly in Joybiiz.

(5) Other gains from Joybiiz

Thanks to Joybiiz, users can also discover new shops and find gift ideas.

Cashback recovery

Users can reclaim the cashback they have earned from their bank account at any time, or reuse it in the shop that granted it in the case of "loyalty cashback".

Ensuring secure use of Joybiiz

To maximise data security, users are invited to resynchronise their bank accounts twice a year. This is a legal requirement imposed by the European PSD2 Directive.

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