Joybiiz, how does it work?

Subscription to Joybiiz

Employers can choose from two service packages to make Joybiiz available to their employees: Joy Give and Joy Get.

Creating or importing a list of employees

The dashboard allows employers to create profiles of their employees and invite them to use Joybiiz. They can save time by importing an Excel file or connecting their CRM.

Invitation to each employee (automatic)

Once an employee has been created by the employer in the Joybiiz dashboard, an email invitation is automatically sent to that employee.

Employee management

From their dashboard, employers can allocate new budgets (meal and gift vouchers) to their employees in just a few clicks.

Merchant discounts (Joy Gifts)

Employers who wish to offer Joy Gifts vouchers to their employees benefit from discounts at Joybiiz partner stores.

Rewards for use

Depending on how their employees use Joybiiz, employers can benefit from rewards such as gifts and digital certificates that can be shared on the company's social networks (example of a certificate: "Promoter of the local economy").

Anonymised statistics

The dashboard shows employers the usage rate and other anonymised data, enabling them to visualise the benefits of Joybiiz.

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