Press release published on January 17, 2024

The Luxembourgish fintech Edonys (VIREO) revolutionizes meal vouchers


Edonys (the new official brand of VIREO) has developed cashback technology to serve employers, employees and merchants. LUXHUB, a pioneer in open banking, is the technology partner to bring this made in Luxembourg innovation to life.

With new regulations on meal vouchers taking effect since January 1, 2024, this favorite employee benefit is about to undergo a profound change. With Joybiiz, the new solution from Edonys, employees no longer need a dedicated bank card to spend their vouchers. It’s all based on the principle of cashback and automation. An innovative solution that reduces costs for employers and eliminates them altogether for merchants.

With the support of Luxinnovation as part of the support programme for innovation

The Edonys team, completed by its loyal ally, Technology Partner, is far from a novice on the Luxembourgish marketplace. Behind myTax, the digital assistant that enables any citizen to generate his or her tax return by answering simple questions, Edonys is also a partner of KPMG Luxembourg, Spuerkeess and, since 2024, Foyer. With the creation of Joybiiz, the fintech aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of employee benefits. Says CEO Jonathan Marroyen: « Employers and retailers alike are complaining about the fees charged by current meal voucher providers. And the switch to bank cards hasn’t solved this problem. We therefore responded to a specific market demand and obtained the highly valued support Luxinnovation. It was also important for us to go beyond reducing fees. We wanted to bring new added value thanks to our expertise in digitalization. » Claude Meurisse, CEO of LUXHUB, adds: « With Joybiiz, Edonys is reinventing meal vouchers by taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by open banking. These are supported by LUXHUB, an open banking pioneer born of the desire of four banks, Spuerkeess – BGL BNP ParibasRaiffeisen and POST Luxembourg – to pool resources around account aggregation and payment initiation. »

What’s new thanks to the cashback technology applied to meal vouchers?

From now on, employers can simply manage their meal voucher budget in the Joybiiz application dashboard (web + mobile) and allocate it to their employees. Employees are then invited to create a Joybiiz account and securely connect the bank account(s) they use for their daily expenses. Each time they will visit a business eligible to receive meal vouchers, all they will have to do is use their usual means of payment (bank card, Apple Pay, …). The relevant transactions will then be automatically identified securely by LUXHUB and reimbursed by Joybiiz to the bank account from which the expenditure was made. Eligible bank accounts are currently from Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany and soon Portugal.

Reduced fees for employers and fees waived altogether for merchants

Where current providers charge employers fees of up to 5%, Edonys has reduced these to a maximum of 2%, adding further value-added features to be discovered on its website. And for merchants, Edonys has chosen to waive all fees, representing a considerable gain for the sector and enabling the fintech to work with 100% of businesses eligible for meal vouchers.

Edonys respects your privacy

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