Press release: March 22, 2022

VIREO's myTax digital assistant is available to Spuerkeess customers

In the picture: Christophe Medinger, Deputy Head of Business Unit – Digitalisation of Spuerkeess and Jonathan Marroyen Cofondateur et Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VIREO.


Spuerkeess joins forces with VIREO to make tax returns easier for individual customers. You no longer need to know anything about taxation to benefit from an optimized tax return. By answering simple questions, the myTax assistant guides users from A to Z.

Is it compulsory or advantageous to file a tax return? Which form(s) should I choose, and how can I be sure I’ve filled them in correctly? These are questions that Spuerkeess customers no longer need to ask themselves. Spuerkeess has teamed up with VIREO, a Luxembourg-based start-up known for developing myTax, the digital tax assistant for both resident and non-resident taxpayers, whatever their situation.


Your tax return just a few clicks away

Christophe Medinger, Deputy Head of Business Unit – Digitalisation, says: “The principle behind myTax is simple. In your secure S-Net space, you are invited to answer questions about your household situation. No tax knowledge is required. At the end of the questionnaire, you’ll receive a tax report that shows you in an easy-to-understand way whether your household has an obligation or an advantage in filing a tax return (or annual statement). You will then see the types of tax available to you and the amount you should reclaim or pay to the Direct Tax Department. Finally, all you have to do is download your form and any appendices (rental of property, movable assets, etc.), fully completed, optimised and ready to send.”


Your tax return automatically optimised

Many taxpayers do not pay the right amount of tax. Some don’t fill in their tax returns correctly, while others don’t take any action when they could get a tax refund because of deductible expenses incurred by their household. “Problem solved with myTax. As you answer the questions, myTax allocates all the tax benefits to which your household is entitled. No more searching for the latest tips or reading tax guides” explains Jonathan Marroyen, CEO of VIREO.


Time-saving and automatic pre-filling

To make the task as easy as possible, S-Net pre-fills the myTax questionnaire with information automatically detected from the customer’s financial transactions (interest charges, insurance premiums, donations, etc.). And from the second year of use, all you have to do is adapt the information encoded the previous year. myTax is available in the Tax Area on S-Net Desktop. For more information, visit

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