All the power of cashback in a single application: Joybiiz

With the support of the Ministry of Economy and Luxinnovation as part of the Luxembourg innovation aid programme

Joybiiz increases employees’ purchasing power, reduces companies’ wage costs and boosts merchants’ profits.

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Use your favourite payment methods without changing your habits. Our partner Salt Edge will take care of the rest!

All you have to do is pay according to your usual methods (bank card, Apple Pay, Paypal, etc.). And thanks to Salt Edge, our Account Information Service Provided (AISP) partner, Joybiiz automatically detects eligible transactions and reimburses them in the form of cashback.

Joybiiz, a secure service connected by the banks to simplify your life

Thanks to the open banking principle, all users have to do is synchronise their bank and their Joybiiz account. It’s automated, secure and works with all the payment methods we use every day.


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Reduce your wage costs and offer your employees a unique salary benefit


Attract customers and build long-term loyalty by starting to spend only on conversion


Take advantage of the full version of Joybiiz and automatically boost your purchasing power

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Benefit from loyalty rewards from your favourite shops and from Edonys

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