With Edonys, meals vouchers are free, automated and immediate. A revolution !

With Joybiiz, attract employees from Luxembourg free of charge when they pay with their meal vouchers. All you have to do is boost your visibility and attractiveness by rewarding them!

Edonys and your business are already connected

Thanks to its innovative technology, Joybiiz allows employees in Luxembourg to spend their meal vouchers in your business without needing your intervention. It all works on the principle of cashback.

Step 1

Referencing your business

The meal voucher employee visits your business because he knows it or has found it in the Joybiiz application.

Step 2

Purchase by the employee in your shop

The employee pays in your store using the payment method of his choice (credit card, Apple Pay, Paypal, …)

Step 3 (automated)

You are paid immediately

You receive the money directly into your bank account. No difference from other payment methods.

Step 4 (automated)

Refunds in the form of cashback

Edonys automatically reimburses the employee’s bank account for the purchase*.

Step 5 (optional)

Reward employees to build loyalty

Depending on the Joybiiz services you subscribe to, the employee receives a reward (discount, etc.) following his or her purchase.

Step 6

Manage your retailer dashboard

Track consumer data in your store and boost your visibility with Joybiiz actions.

*Within the limits authorized by Luxembourg regulations applicable to meal vouchers.



Joy Meals aren't just about cashback!

Participate in sustainable consumption

We highlight businesses that contribute to a fair world in harmony with the environment.

Carry the banner of local commerce

Be part of the community of incredible businesses in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Reward your customers simply

Joybiiz services are designed to attract new customers and maximize loyalty to your business.

Win their loyalty with win-win

As the figures show, feeling rewarded is one of the key factors in building customer loyalty.

Tens of thousands of employees on your doorstep

Offered by Edonys

Basic service

Allow the Joybiiz users to spend their meal vouchers in your store.

Attractiveness pack

Boost your visibility among Joybiiz users.

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