Your business is more attractive than ever thanks to Joybiiz

With Joybiiz, Edonys offers your business unprecedented opportunities to attract customers and build long-term loyalty! It’s simple, automated and 100% customizable!

Why choose Joybiiz for your business?

Thanks to its innovative technology, Joybiiz gives you digital control of your business and helps you achieve your financial goals

Average shopping basket

+ 26 %

increase in the average purchase of Joybiiz users at our partner stores.


+ 60 %

of Joybiiz users discover new shops, products and services that are right for them.

Frequency of purchases

+ 20 %

of additional visits thanks to the benefits you offer to Joybiiz users.

*Statistics collected on the basis of international studies carried out by organizations such as STATEC and XERFI among merchants and cashback providers.

You reward our users ? We reward your business !

Your gains as a merchant

JoyWorld and its Joybiiz application can help you cut costs, win new customers and boost sales, and guide your company towards greater efficiency.

Joybiiz key benefits:

The benefits for your prospects and customers

Making your business more efficient is the ideal way to attract prospects and build customer loyalty. Your reputation and sales will be the first to benefit.

Joybiiz key benefits:

Joy Meals vouchers

Attract employees from Luxembourg with automated Joy Meals. No more bookkeeping and fees.

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Joy Gifts vouchers

Make your offers attractive to employers and attract their employees who benefit from automated Joy Gifts.

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In-store discounts

Attract prospects & build customer loyalty by offering cashback on every purchase in your store.

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Your business becomes irresistible with Joybiiz

In just a few clicks, you can put together your ideal rewards package to attract Joybiiz users and build long-term loyalty. Everything is customizable to maximize your efficiency.

Online discounts

Attract prospects & build customer loyalty by offering cashback on every purchase made on your website.

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Loyalty rewards

Reward your customers for loyalty in exchange for targeted data to help you make strategic decisions.

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You don't have to do a thing. Continue to use your favorite payment methods without changing your habits!

Joybiiz users simply pay in your store according to their habits and the payment methods you are likely to accept (bank card, Apple Pay, Paypal, …). Thanks to LUXHUB, our PSD2-certified partner, Joybiiz automatically detects the eligible transaction and reimburses it in the form of cashback and other rewards.

Create your own customer community with a Joybiiz loyalty program 100 % personalized and automated

With Joybiiz, “loyalty” rhymes with “prosperity” and “profitability”. Build a digital loyalty program in minutes with our suggested rewards, or set up a 100% customized loyalty system. Say goodbye to costly loyalty card management. Reward your customers with low-cost rewards, and they’ll return the favor for good.

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