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Press release published on January 17, 2024

The Luxembourgish fintech Edonys (VIREO) revolutionizes meal vouchers

Edonys (the new official brand of VIREO) has developed cashback technology to serve employers, employees and merchants. LUXHUB, a pioneer in open banking, is the technology partner to bring this made in Luxembourg innovation to life.

Press release published on March 5, 2023

VIREO becomes Edonys

Our company is evolving to offer you ever more essential services to make your daily life efficient and enjoyable.

Discover TaxWorld, the evolution of our myTax service, and our new PayWorld, JoyWorld and TechWorld services.

Press release published on March 22, 2023

VIREO's myTax digital assistant is available to Spuerkeess customers

Spuerkeess joins forces with VIREO to make tax returns easier for individual customers. You no longer need to know anything about taxation to benefit from an optimized tax return. By answering simple questions, the myTax assistant guides users from A to Z.

Press release published on November 26, 2020

KPMG and start-up VIREO join forces to give your employees access to a fair tax system

Filling out tax returns in an environment where national and international tax measures are increasingly complex is a real headache for human resources departments and their employees. What if the solution came from a start-up 100% made in Luxembourg?

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