Joybiiz, how does it work?

Eligibility for meal vouchers (optional)

Merchants eligible for meal vouchers under Luxembourg regulations are automatically connected to Joybiiz users. However, they can only be listed in the Joybiiz application if they subscribe to the required option.

Subscription to Joybiiz

Merchants can choose from various service packages to attract and retain Joybiiz users. They can also create their own community of Joybiiz users by setting up a Joybiiz digital loyalty programme.

Setting up cashback and rewards

Depending on the services subscribed to, the dashboard allows the merchant to manage the percentage of cashback and loyalty rewards offered to Joybiiz users.

Invitation to use Joybiiz (optional)

Retailers can promote Joybiiz in their shops and on their website to encourage prospects and customers to subscribe to their Joybiiz loyalty programme.

Joybiiz user attraction (automatic)

The merchant has nothing more to do. Every time a Joybiiz user makes a purchase in their shop or on their website, they automatically receive the reward to which they are entitled.

Example: cashback discount in a restaurant (part 1)

In its Joybiiz dashboard, the merchant has configured that each user who makes an expenditure in its shop will be reimbursed 5% of their expenditure in the form of cashback. He chose the Edonys "SEPA Direct Debit "* option.

Example: cashback discount in a restaurant (part 2)

A Joybiiz user benefiting from the Joy Give and Joy Get packages thanks to his employer goes to the shopkeeper's restaurant. He spends €50 and pays using his bank card.

Example: cashback discount in a restaurant (part 3)

The merchant receives the €100 directly into their bank account. There is no difference compared with any other transaction. At the same time, thanks to the "SEPA Direct Debit "* option, his bank account is automatically debited with €3.00 by Edonys. This €3.00 corresponds to the cashback to which the employee is entitled (5% of €50 = €2.5) plus the fees charged by Edonys (20% of €2.5 = €0.50).

Customer and data management

From their dashboard, merchants can follow consumption in their store and obtain anonymised data on Joybiiz users who have spent money there.

Rewards for the merchant

Depending on how Joybiiz is used in their business, retailers can benefit from rewards such as gifts and digital certificates that can be shared on their social networks (example of a certificate: "Cashback Ambassador").

*To avoid manual accounting, Edonys offers a reduction on the fees applied to merchants when they opt for the “SEPA Direct Debit” option. This option enables the automation of cashback-related financial flows applicable to spending by Joybiiz users.

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